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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Finding Seashells at the beach!!

What a joy my seashell hunting was on vacation a few weeks ago. I found some beautiful shells!!Some tips for some good shells? I like different unique ones to take home since I have a whole load of the same kind already at home I tend to look for neat little shells!

* I sat on the sand up near the sand dunes and dug a little down and found wonderful small shells!! Early in the morning or after supper is when I would look. I came up with some great shells even closer to the water digging in a little bit and coming out with some great ones!! When we were at the beach in Decemeber I was sitting on the beach one night and just happen to dig my hand down and came up with a beautiful medium size full shell!!

* Winter time is a good time to look for shells. Not many people are on vacation and there are huge shells everywhere!! I came home with a big bag full in december!!

*Go out after a storm or rain and some pretty ones have usually washed up!

* High tide brings in some!!

*Go out early I am usually on the beach by 6 or so before anybody to look. Go as soon it gets a little light right before the sun comes up

Have fun with it,I simply love digging for shells and finding God's treasures on the beach!! There are some beautiful ones out there!! Here are some from my collection!!

(I think this might be a sharks tooth)

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