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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Firsts...

Found this on Jens blog at and thought it looked fun,so here we go!!

First Job: A Cashier at Jcpenney's..bad

First real job: See above..Jcpenney

First favorite politician: Never really had

First car: 97 nissan sentra

First record/CD: Faith hill was the first album I ever got and it was on cassette

First sport played: something in elementry PE class I

First concert: New kids on the block cause my sis was crazy about;)

First foreign country visited: Never left the USA yet that is

First favorite TV show: umm..prob. full house when I was a

First favorite actor: Jesse on full fun

First favorite actress: I can't not really's Katherine Hegi now from love comes softly

First girlfriend/boyfriend: Never really had one..went on a few dates but nothing am saving myself for the one God has for me..somewhere;)lol

First encounter with a famous person: umm..I met a few daytime tv stars,Jeff gordan,Brad Paisley and I don't remember who was my first

First brush with death: nothing **crosses fingers** so far

First house/condo owned: none yet

First film seen: im not sure..prob. disney or wizard of oz

First favorite recording artist: I think as far back as I can remember my first album was faith hill,so I assume her

First favorite radio station: 104.1 wtqr, local country

First book I remember reading: Umm those little golden books that came in sets with different stories..

First meme I answered on my blog: A survey I was tagged on I think


Miss Jen said...

Very fun.... I enjoyed reading your firsts! ;)

Love & Blessings~ Jen

Jen said...

I'm a huge fan of Jeff Gordan! I loved your answers! Have a great day.