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Friday, May 29, 2009

Saturday Family Favorite Movie...

"Anne of Green Gables"

This is one of my favorite movies ever!! It's the best and highly recommend it to anybody to watch!! Great clean family movie!!

Plot(Taken from
In the early 1900s, elderly Matthew Cuthbert and his spinster sister Marilla Cuthbert live on a farmstead in Avonlea, Prince Edward Island, the house on the property known as Green Gables. To assist with the farm work, they decide to adopt an orphan boy. Through an error, they instead receive a twelve year old orphan girl named Anne Shirley. Anne is outspoken, opinionated and stubborn, but she is also kind, good-hearted and bright. She is extremely self conscious of her looks, especially the fact of her freckles and her red hair. She has a vivid imagination tending toward fantasized romance and tragedy, this a mechanism to escape the harsh life she's endured thus far. Upon meeting Anne, Matthew does not have the heart to send her back. Although the Cuthberts have no practical use for a girl, Matthew talks a begrudging Marilla into keeping Anne, if only on a trial basis. In addition to Marilla, Anne has to win over many of the people of Avonlea, who see an orphan as being nothing but trouble. But in Avonlea, Anne also has many kindred spirits as she calls her dearest friends, including Matthew, classmate Diana Barry, Diana's Aunt Josephine and school teacher Muriel Stacey. Another colleague with whom she has a rocky beginning is classmate Gilbert Blythe, although Gilbert sees Anne in a different light. Through trials and tribulations, Anne does win over those important to her, including Marilla, who ultimately cannot even imagine what life would have been like without Anne. As Anne matures into young womanhood into her late teens, she demonstrates her many talents at Green Gables, at public school and at Queen's College in Charlottetown. When tragedy strikes the Cuthbert family, Gilbert shows Anne how true a kindred spirit he really is.
Trivia(Taken from

'Schuyler Grant' auditioned for the role of Anne Shirley before she was eventually cast as Diana Barry.

The scene where Mrs. Hammond brings Anne to the orphanage was done last.

The scene in the kitchen in which Anne tells Marilla she will apologize to Mrs. Lynde was shot with a body double for Richard Farnsworth as his schedule could not permit him to be there. All close-up shots were filmed later.

Katharine Hepburn was originally approached to play Marilla Cuthbert. She declined, but suggested her relative (great-niece), 'Schuyler Grant' for the part of Anne.

The scene where Anne and Marilla are walking back from Mrs. Lynde's after Anne's theatrical apology was the very first to be filmed.

A lot of the scenes, mainly long shots, were made before any of the characters were cast.

Megan Follows beat out 3,000 girls for the role of Anne Shirley.

Colleen Dewhurst grew up on Prince Edward Island

Goofs(Taken from

Boom mic visible: Reflected in the window behind Anne at the train station.

Revealing mistakes: In the scene when Marilla shows Anne to her room on her first night at Green Gables, Megan Follows enters the room and when she does her hat brushes Colleen Dewhearst in the face. When Colleen Dewhearst turns toward the camera, you can see her barely holding in her laughter. According to Kevin Sullivan, Dewhearst was renowned for her practical jokes, and she did something in the room as a joke on Megan Follows. Sullivan could not recall exactly what Colleen had done. This is the reason why she's trying to hold in her "laughter".

Continuity: After Diana gets drunk, Anne is seen running after her. Anne's tights change back and forth between black and white.

Factual errors: When Miss Stacy is first introducing herself to the class, Anne takes out a pencil. We can see that the pencil has a metal tip with an eraser at the end. In the early 1900's, the time period of this film, pencils would not have had a metal tip or an eraser attached to them.

Revealing mistakes: During multiple scenes with Matthew in them there are shots taken from different angles around him showing us that it is a double playing the character instead of the actor Richard Farnsworth. Examples of this are when Matthew first goes to pick up Anne from the station, when he is taking her to Green Gables in the buggy, when Anne gets wet in the lake, is rescued by Gilbert, and then when Matthew puts his coat around her.

Continuity: In the scene in the general store where Anne is buying some fabric for a dress, Alice is shown putting the bolt back on the shelf. It cuts to a closeup of Anne and then the next shot shows Alice putting the same bolt back on the shelf again
Qoutes from the movie(Taken from

Anne Shirley: My life is a perfect graveyard of buried hopes. That's a sentence I read once and I say it over to comfort myself in these times that try the soul.

Anne Shirley: This is the most tragical thing that has ever happened to me.

Aunt Josephine: Make a little room in your plans for romance again, Anne, girl. All the degrees and scholarships in the world can't make up for the lack of it.

Mrs. Cadbury: Tell me what you know about yourself.
Anne Shirley: Well, it really isn't worth telling, Mrs. Cadbury... but if you let me tell you what I IMAGINE about myself you'd find it a lot more interesting.

Anne Shirley: Can't you even IMAGINE you're in the depths of despair?
Marilla Cuthbert: No I cannot. To despair is to turn your back on God.

Anne Shirley: Mrs. Hammond told me that God made my hair red on purpose and I've never cared for Him since.

Anne Shirley: Don't you ever imagine things differently from what they are?
Marilla Cuthbert: No.
Anne Shirley: Oh Marilla, how much you miss.

[Marilla, commenting on whether or not she'll keep Anne]
Marilla Cuthbert: If she can avoid catastrophe two days in a row, I might have a chance to make up my mind.

[Anne, after a failed attempt to dye her hair]
Anne Shirley: I thought nothing could be as bad as red hair. Green is ten times worse.

[Anne has just fallen from a roof]
Diana Barry: Just say one word and tell me if you're killed!
Anne Shirley: No... but I think I've been rendered unconscious.

Anne Shirley: I don't think Mrs. Barry is a well-bred woman. I don't believe God himself would entirely meet with her approval.
Marilla Cuthbert: Anne, you musn't say things like that... especially in front of the minister's wife. But, if you left God out of it, you'd have it just about right.

[Anne, after she's forbidden to see Diana]
Anne Shirley: Farewell, my beloved friend. Henceforth, we must be strangers living side by side... but my heart will be ever faithful to thee.

Anne Shirley: Tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it.

Anne Shirley: I know I chatter on far too much... but if you only knew how many things I want to say and don't. Give me SOME credit.

Anne Shirley: Ruby Gillis says when she grows up, she wants to have a line of beaus on a string and make them crazy for her. I'd rather have ONE in his rightful mind.

[Anne, commenting on city life]
Anne Shirley: I think I would probably come to the conclusion that I'd like it for a while... but in the end, I'd still prefer the sound of the wind in the firs across the brook more than the tinkling of crystal.

Aunt Josephine: I like people who make me like them. Saves me so much trouble forcing myself to like them.

Aunt Josephine: Wealth can be very empty when you don't have someone to share it with. But by the time I realized that, no one would have me... except men who wanted my money more than I did.

[Marilla, reading a letter from Anne away at college]
Marilla Cuthbert: As Rachel Lynde used to say, the sun will go on rising and setting whether I fail in Geometry or not. I think I'd rather it didn't go on if I failed.

[after Matthew's funeral, Marilla finds Anne crying in her room]
Anne Shirley: Tears don't hurt like the ache does.

Diana Barry: I wish I were rich, and I could spend the whole summer at a hotel, eating ice cream and chicken salad.
Anne Shirley: You know something, Diana? We are rich. We have sixteen years to our credit, and we both have wonderful imaginations. We should be as happy as queens.
[gestures to the setting sun]
Anne Shirley: Look at that. You couldn't enjoy its loveliness more if you had ropes of diamonds.
Diana Barry: I don't know about that.

Anne Shirley: And I promise I'll never do it again. That's the one good thing about me. I never do the same wrong thing twice.

[commenting on Anne's outburst toward Rachel]
Rachel Lynde: Mark my words, Marilla. That's the kind puts strychnine in the well.

[commenting on Anne's dramatic apology]
Rachel Lynde: Her tongue appears to be hinged in the middle, but she may turn out all right.

[Gilbert finds Anne clinging to the post under a bridge]
Gilbert Blythe: Anne Shirley. What in heck are you doing here?
Anne Shirley: [trying to be diganified] Fishing. For lake trout.

Gilbert Blythe: Psst! Carrots! Carrots!

Anne Shirley: Wilt thou give me a lock of thy jet-black tresses?
Diana Barry: But I don't have any black dresses.
Anne Shirley: Your hair.
Diana Barry: All right.

Gilbert Blythe: Well, I figured you can give me a hand with my work, and we'll call it a fair exchange.
Anne Shirley: Aren't you worried? I'm liable to break another slate over your head.
Gilbert Blythe: I'm more worried I might break one over yours, carrots.

Marilla Cuthbert: I'm afraid for her, Matthew. She'll be gone so long. She'll get terrible lonesome.
Matthew Cuthbert: You mean, we'll get terrible lonesome.
Marilla Cuthbert: I can't help wishing that she'd stayed a little girl.
Matthew Cuthbert: Mrs. Spencer made a lucky mistake, I guess.
Marilla Cuthbert: It wasn't luck; it was Providence. He knew we needed her.
Matthew Cuthbert: Even with her queer little ways.
Marilla Cuthbert: I loved her for them.

Anne Shirley: Please, Matthew. You need help. We've got to get a doctor.
Matthew Cuthbert: I've worked hard all my life. I'd rather just drop in the harness. I got old; I never noticed.
Anne Shirley: If I'd been the boy you sent for, I could have spared you in so many ways.
Matthew Cuthbert: I never wanted a boy. I only wanted you from the first day. Don't ever change. I love my little girl. I'm so proud of my little girl.

Anne Shirley: Oh, Marilla, you look so elegant!
Marilla Cuthbert: You don't make important visits in kitchen clothes.

Rachel Lynde: [after seeing Matthew riding in the buggy to get Anne] Oh, my afternoon is spoiled.

Marilla Cuthbert: Oh, this is a fine kettle of fish.

Anne Shirley: Would you please call me Cordelia?

Anne Shirley: Plain, old, unromantic Anne Shirley.

Marilla Cuthbert: [talking to Matthew] She could talk the hind leg of a mule. Hmm, wouldn't that be a change around here.

Marilla Cuthbert: That girl is next door to a perfect heathen.

Anne Shirley: How would you like to have nasty things said about you? How would you like to hear that you're fat, ugly, and a sour old gossip!

Anne Shirley: He called me carrots!

Marilla Cuthbert: Oh, you blessed girl. I know I ought to stick to it and make you go to college, but I've learned better than to stand in your way. Gilbert Blythe will be teaching, too. Won't he?
Anne Shirley: Yes.
Marilla Cuthbert: What a nice looking young boy he is. He looks a lot like his father did at that age. We used to be real good friends, he and I. People called him my beau.
Anne Shirley: And what happened?
Marilla Cuthbert: We quarreled and I wouldn't forgive him when he asked me to. I wanted to after a while, but I was stubborn and I wanted to punish him first. He never came back. I, uh, always felt rather sorry. I, uh, sort of wished that I'd forgiven him when I had a chance.

Marilla Cuthbert: Making a little wine for refreshment is far less sinful then meddling in other people's affairs!

[Marilla meets with Mrs. Barry and Rachel after Diana gets drunk]
Mrs. Barry: Marilla, I don't believe a word. Anne Shirley is a conniving, manipulating child and she's pulled the wool over your eyes.
Rachel Lynde: I always warned you about making that current wine, Marilla. You said it wouldn't have the least effect on anyone. Well, I ask you.
Marilla Cuthbert: It isn't meant to be drunk three tumbler-fulls at a time! And if I had a child that was so greedy, I'd sober her up with a darn good spanking!
Mrs. Barry: Oh! So it's my Diana's fault, is it?
Rachel Lynde: It's the demon liquor's fault. And as I told you for years, if you didn't insist on making that current wine ...
Marilla Cuthbert: [cuts her, furiously] My current wine is famous all over the island, Rachel Lynde, as you well know; and the Reverend Allen himself is not opposed to taking a bit when he comes calling. And as for Christian virtue: making a little wine for a refreshment is far less sinful than MEDDLING in other people's affairs!
Rachel Lynde: [in shock] Oh!
[Marilla leaves]
Marilla Cuthbert: [to Mrs. Allen] Of all the unreasonable, pig-headed, self-important women that I have ever met - she is the worst!

Miss Stacy: The truth will set you free.

Marilla Cuthbert: Oh, stuff and nonsense.

Marilla Cuthbert: [to Matthew] You'd let her go to the moon if she had the notion.

Anne Shirley: Gilbert Blythe would stand on his head if I asked him to.

Miss Stacy: True friends are always together in spirit.

Anne Shirley: The fact that you rescued me, unnecessarily, hardly wipes out past wrongs.

Diana Barry: [Anne is about to perform "The Highwayman"] You've never failed at anything, Anne Shirley.

Marilla Cuthbert: [to Anne] I think you may be a kindred spirit after all.

Matthew Cuthbert: She?
Station Master: Don't worry, I don't think she'll bite, Matthew.

Anne Shirley: Anne Shirley. Anne with an "e."

Anne Shirley: I've never belonged to anyone!

Matthew Cuthbert: You can talk all you like; I don't mind.

Matthew Cuthbert: It's a girl.
Marilla Cuthbert: Well, I can see that.

Anne Shirley: [after saying her prayers] Did I do alright?
Marilla Cuthbert: Yes, if you were addressing a business letter to the catalog store.

Anne Shirley: [after staying up all night with Minnie May, Anne is trying to stay awake on the ride home] Can't go to school now. I can
Anne Shirley: hardly keep my eyes open. Hate to stay at home and let Gil, get ahead.

Marilla Cuthbert: [Mrs. Barry has invited Anne over for dinner after Anne saves Minnie May's life] I believe humble pie is on the menu.

Matthew Cuthbert: [Anne has come into the barn to thank Matthew for her dress] Puffed sleeves.
Anne Shirley: The puffiest!

Diana Barry: [Anne is going to apologize to Aunt Jo] Anne, don't. She'll eat you alive!
Anne Shirley: Don't worry. I've had lots of practice making apologies.

Aunt Josephine: You amuse me and precious little amuses me in this world at my age.

Ruby Gillis: [about to reenact the Lily Maid scene] I'm frightened. Mrs. Lynde says acting is a sin.

Marilla Cuthbert: [rolling her eyes at Matthew's excessive purchase] Twenty. Pounds. Of brown. Sugar.

Anne Shirley: Wilt thou give me a lock of thy jet-black tresses?
Diana Barry: I don't have any black dresses!

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