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Monday, June 1, 2009

God's been good in my life!!

I was watching and listening to this song tonight and it really touched me. As I sit here typing this I am crying and inside praising the lord for he has been there for me in the darkest times of my life. When the road was long and fear set in and I know the ocd and depression had me and I can say that in the midst of my tears it was his mighty hand that has been holding me. I've had so many hard trials to face each day but through it all God's been good! I've cried and gone through more then anybody knows maybe even times my own family don't know about. Through it all though God has been there for me even when i didn't know it. He's been my savior and my friend through it all. Like the song says though I would not change one minute cause I have felt God's strongest hand in it all. All the pain and heartache,the fear I have felt,just feeling a moment of God's presence in my life and him holding me when I could not walk was worth it all!When people I trusted walked out of my life or things became to hard to handle I've had the mighty hand of God walking me through. I really have had more gain then loses. I say to myself I am not going to let the devil win this battle or when the doctors tell me there is no cure for ocd that only medicines can make me calm during it I'm no longer going to listen because I know I got a God who can perform miracles and because I know God is in control and holding me through. Cause through it all God has never let me down, because I am a child of the king and who shall I fear? God is always going to be there for us when everyone walks away, jesus is the one who will walk in! I pray for everyone going through something weather it be Fear, Depression,Trials or heartache or medical problems I pray God will hold his hand around you right now and give you the most peaceful gift of his presence moving through you right now. I say praise the lord,praise the lord,praise the lord and I feel like shouting it everywhere right now!! Scream it out praise the Lord!! In Jesus there is hope!! Praise his mighty wonderful holy most precious name there is!!

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Miss Jen said...

Yes..... indeed! :>)
What wonderful hope that we have
in Jesus!!!

Many Blessings~ Jen