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Monday, July 27, 2009


Hey everyone,
How is everybody doing? Ahh..can you believe tomorrow will be my 25th I can't believe it!!! Where has time gone? Well there is a chance my family might be moving to TN! Clarksville TN. My dad was laid off his job after the plant shut down the other month but there is a chance he could be transferred to there main plant in TN. I am so excited!! I am praying for God's will to be done!! I can't wait for the answer to's nerves all over waiting for the answer!! I helped dad clean out the building today and I got rid of a bunch of junk I no longer needed! I can't believe how much stuff is in a house after 24 years of living here! Wow!! Please be in prayer for our family that God will send the answer about TN soon. Waiting is soooo hard!!! I made supper tonight Chicken,Green beans,pasta salad,veggies. We have been blessed with tomatoes this year from 2 different neighbors gardens. Well that's about it for now!! Hope you all have a great day:) God bless!!

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Christian Homekeeper said...

Sounds exciting! Not sure where you live now, but TN is beautiful - I grew up there for 19 years and all my family is still there. I miss it. :) ~Bev