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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Guard your heart..

As young people we need to guard our hearts! We all desire marriage and children but while we are waiting we need to guard our hearts and protect them. Make sure you don't just give your heart to anyone. Make sure you pray and save your heart for the right one!! Here are some pointers from Sarah Mally's book Before you meet Prince Charming.

1. Keep the friendship casual
2. Avoid situations that will breed emotional bonds
3. Don't seek attention for yourself
4. Ask your parents for guidance
5. Guard your words when your with friends
6. Avoid influences that pollute your thoughts

So make sure when choosing the right mate or while waiting, to guard your heart and make sure your doing what God wants you to do!!

Proverbs 4:23 "Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life."


~Miss Raquel said...

Very neat, Jennifer! Thanks for sharing! It reminds me of the article that I got from the Botkin Sisters (from their blog). Look for it uner "How Not to Heat Your Veins and Fire Your Brains" on my blog. I think I posted it last month sometime.

~Miss Raquel

P.S. Noticed the new look! :) Like it! "One Cute Blog" has neat designs!

Miss Jen said...

Yes indeed! :)
Thank you for such a
lovely post!!!

in company with sparkles said...

I'm glad you liked the journal covers Jennifer! Your new header is gorgeous.
This is so true...guarding our hearts is vital to our spiritual growth and future contentment!

Carol Jean / Lovethemsteiff said...

Hi Jennifer, Sorry I haven't visited lately, I've been so busy I haven't been blogging much this summer, but I thought I would stop in and see what you are doing. Your blog is lovely as always. I liked this post of yours. It has good advice. I would also like to add something I heard once, that you should begin praying every day for the person that God has chosen for you, to give him strength and guidance and protect him from trials. Even if you don't know who he is yet, God does, and He'll hear your prayers. God Bless You Today Jennifer, Carol Jean ~