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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Don't judge a can by it's outside cover...

Somebody on tv today had this illustration and I thought it was interesting!! You see the two cans above!! It tells what they are inside and you can read the cover and it tells you what it is. What if though you opened it up and its something completely different? We judge people by the outside sometimes before you actually look inside them and find the true person. We should not be judging by outside appearance, but open up the can even if the can is ugly, wrinkled or dented or beautiful and see what really is on the inside. Just like a book, don't judge it by the cover design,open it up and read and it might be the best book you have ever read. Back to the two cans,open them up and you might be surprised at what you find out. So instead of judging by outward appearance look on one's inside and get to know the real person or the real inside of the can before judging from outside appearance.


Miss Jen said...

Very true lesson indeed! :)

Love~ Miss Jen

Dilvin said...

Great post!
this is so true!
Jesus did this in his life here
there are so many accounts of him loving others for who they were on the inside.
I want to do this more.
Looking to him