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Monday, October 26, 2009

A Simple Woman's Daybook..

Outside my window...It's a beautiful new fall day created by our Lord

I am thinking...about so many things on my mind

I am thankful for...God and my family

I am wearing...pants and t-shirt

I am beautiful fall is

I am creating...nothing but this blog post at the moment

I am going...nowhere at the moment

I am reading...A gift of grace

I am hoping...for a wonderful day and week

On my mind...lots of things!!!

From the learning rooms...there is always something new to be learned;)

From the kitchen...nothing at the moment

Around the house...I will be cooking and helping out

One of my favorite things...snow..hope we get some this winter

A few plans for the rest of the,cleaning,,whatever the lord see to bring my way.

From my picture journal...beautiful colors of fall


Pat said...

I loved your blog as soon as I got here. I noticed several things right away, you have a vintage picture at the top, you enjoy tea as do I, you are Independant Baptist as I am,and you have such a sweet spirit. Hope to visit your blog again soon...
God bless,

Jennifer said...

Hey Pat,
Thank you so much for stopping by;)Yes I love vintage pictures,there the best!!! I always love meeting new christian friends online!! Please feel free to visit often!! Thanks for the comment!!

Patty said...

Hope you get that wonderful day and a blessed week in the Lord.

mellow roc said...

Hi Jennifer, I am a brother in the faith, and also have a blog. Thanks for your post which suggests to me, most of us live in the ordinary, and the extraordinary is just that, extraordinary.. Just one thing. I am a blind person and use screen reading software to do the computer. The music you have is nice, but it almost competes too much in terms of volume with reading your text. Could you lower the volume or perhaps modify the length of the song you use on your blog? My blog, just thoughts primarily is, user name mellow roc. See you again!

anna :) said...

kewl a Christian girl, too!
maybe u'd like to check out mine? is its address if u'd like to visit