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Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy November!

Wow hard to believe November is here!! I see such beautiful colors around me outside. It's such beautiful colors of fall:) I can't believe thanksgiving is around the corner and then Christmas!!Wow!! This year is just flying by! Halloween was great I made a pumpkin cake as you can see from one of my last post!! We had a few trick or treaters not to many this year! As I thought Saturday night I still don't see why people have a problem with halloween? Forget the origins and just let the kids have fun getting candy!! Anyways thats all over and now off to think of Thanksgiving!! Mom is still feeling sickly from her surgery..please pray for her!! Hope everyone has a blessed week and God bless!!

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Miss Jen said...

Happy November~ dear!!
Bless you dear friend.

Love~ Jen