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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I have committed...

Well after much thought and prayer I have decided to go the Courtship route:) I will be praying for God's one true match for my life!! Please be in prayer for me!! I know people is going to think Im crazy because I won't date anyone until I find the one and only one I will marry and yes I had already given my first kiss away before I found out about courtship but all that is in the past and I am starting new. I encourage young people to save there first kiss for that special somebody!! I have never really dated anyways. I have met boys before but it never did seem right and now I know God has been bringing me to the courtship path all along!! Thank you lord. Please be in prayer for me as I start this new journey in my life and praying for the right one:) God bless!!


Dilvîn said...

I will keep you in my prayers Jennifer.
I thought I should tell you my age
I am twenty going on twenty one.
just in case you ever wondered.:)

Please keep me in your prayers too. That I would know the Lord's will in my life. His plan and purpose in bringing me to the right man.

He makes all things beautiful in His time!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your decision to pursue a courtship with God's choice for you. Shannon and I never made a conscious decision court prior to meeting each other, but after we met, I determined that we would court rather than date and we are both so very thankful that we went that route! It can sometimes be tricky to make sure that you are never alone with the one you are courting, but there's always a solution or a place to go (you just sometimes have to be creative to find one). May the Lord bless you and your decision!

Rachel said...

Good for you dear! I am so happy for you! :D Yes, it's sad that you have already kissed a boy (I myself liked a young man quite a bit and it hurt me). But God is so loving and forgiving and gracious to us, that He can help you to begin your courtship journey even now. :) Hugs! I'll be praying for you as God leads you and you seek what His will is in this for you. :)

If you want recommendations for courtship books, we have some here that we love...

And you can always feel free to read some of our posts on courtship on our blog. :) My sister and I were just thinking we needed to do another courtship post actually. ;)

Blessings in Christ!

More Than Conquerors said...

Praying for you, Jennifer! You have chosen the right path. Recently, my pastor preached some encouraging and instructive sermons on husband and wife. I think it is good to know what are our responsibilities as husband and wife and how best we can honour God in this closest relationship in our lives, before we enter into any relationship. You can download and listen to them at:

Take care and may God bless, guide and provide for you!

Praying for you,

Susan said...

I am so proud that you have made this decision.I know God has already got someone for you.Pray,Believe,and Wait on the Lord.God will sent him to you when the time is right.
Love, Mom

Joanne said...

Hello Jennifer - I stumbled on your blog somehow. I just wanted to encourage you and say AMEN in your choice of courtship over dating. I believe this is very pleasing to the Lord.

Lord bless you as you follow Him.

In Christ,
Joanne in MO