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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Prayer's Answered...

Hey everyone!!
How is everyone doing? I hope great!! I sure am!! I'm feeling pretty good:) My prayers have been answered and God is leading me back to my home church!! I am so excited to be going back:) It's where I belong!! I love my pastor and his family and I love my church family and most of all it is God centered in everything and it's the old fashion bible believing church that is hard to find anymore:)Thank you so much Lord for leading me back:) Well I hope your staying warm where you are,it sure is cold where I live:) I'm sitting here in my cozy jammies and socks:) Perfect night to cuddle up and read!! Also if your in the area this week please drop by my church and join us in revival services!! Just comment me for details if you want to come:) Hope everyone has a wonderful sunday and God bless!! Here is song for how I am feeling right now:)

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~Miss Raquel said...

So happy for you, Jennifer!! May I ask why you left it in the first place? Not meaning to pry, but I am curious.
You wouldn't BELIEVE how hot it is here in our house!! We've had the woodstove going all day and it's about...90 degrees in the house - no joke! :) I'm in my nice, airy cotton nightgown, so I'm trying to actually stay cool! :) I'm planning on working a bit on my book, then going to go read in bed, then go to sleep! :) Tomorrow will be a wonderful day of worship and praise!!

~Miss Raquel