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Friday, February 19, 2010

More Rambling...

Hey all,
Sorry I have not posted anything all week!! I've been so sick and not felt like blogging or doing much of anything for that matter. My temp. finally broke and I am feeling better now except for the lingering cough leftover!! I am just glad it wasn't swine flu just felt like the reg. flu I didn't go to the doctor or anything,just took plenty of meds and rested. Now I am starting to feel my old self again!! Me and mom has been watching the winter games on tv. I love it!! We have had many good times together this week watching it!! I am thankful for that time with my mom! We like watching the figure skating and our favorite won last night yay!! His name was Evan from the USA!! Plus watching the snow boarders jump in that ramp up into the air is really cool. They can go pretty high. We plan on watching the figure skating tonight, I think it's going to be couples. We love to watch couples skate:) Well I have done enough rambling Hope everyone is having a great week and start to a great weekend!! Love you all. God bless!!

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Jackie said...

Hey Jennifer!
I'm blog surfing today and stumbled upon your site and really blessed by your posts!

I'm following along with you now! I love meeting other blogging sisters in the Lord and hope you'll stop by my place sometime!

Sweet Blessings!