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Monday, March 15, 2010

At Peace...

Happy Monday everyone!! How is everyone doing? I am doing great!! God has given me perfect peace about where I am in life right now. I am content with what he has done. I've never felt such peace. I feel like I have totally left my blog here lately and I promise I will be back to posting post soon!! I just wanted to drop in and say hey and tell you how happy and at peace I am right now in this season of life:) Hope everyone has a great start to the week!! God bless!!


Keith & Julie Loveless said...

Glad to hear you're feelin' better. God is great. Praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Hi! my name is Deanna and I just wanted to say that I enjoy reading you blog. This post caught my interest as I was at a wedding this weekend too in NC. What church do you go too?
God Bless!
Deanna Clopper

Jennifer said...

Hey Deanna:)
I go to Pine Grove Baptist!! Was it the same wedding? Thats cool if it was!! It was such a beautiful wedding!!