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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just a Random Post...

Hey all,
Church was great Sunday!! A wonderful Sunday School lesson and 2 great sermons!! Then we had a fellowship after church!! I am so happy to finally be over all this cold mess and be myself again!! As we were about to leave church Sunday night after the fellowship we found out there was tornados touching down around us. So we headed straight home and lucky we made home safe!! A tornado hit on the other end of town real close by and in surrounding towns. We were lucky to have dodge it!! Some were not so lucky and I pray for them that were affected!! Well I hope everyone is having a great week and I will talk later!! God bless!!


ERICA said...

Hey Jennifer! I'm so glad to hear that you've been doing better. I have been praying for you and will continue to! I was wondering though, what part of NC do you live in? I live in Rowan County and we also had tornadoes all around us. But the Lord was gracious enough to not let them touch us! But we did awake Monday morning to find our tree split in half and about an inch from busting one of our windows! He's good ain't He?! :)

In Christ,

Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

That's scary!
I am so glad you are safe.
We had a tornado 15 miles from were we live spring of 08. It was quite windy and we had trees fall on our property. One quite close to our barn!
I am glad you had a nice time of fellowship.

Miss Jen said...

Wow.... sounds like you have been busy! ;) Oh, yes the rich blessing
of sound sermons!!

Love in Him~ Miss Jen

ERICA said...

Wow! So you're only about 20 miles from where I live! That is so neat!
Yeah, I heard High Point got hit pretty bad also. I'm so glad y'all are safe too! :)

Autumn said...

I'm glad that you are safe!