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Thursday, July 8, 2010

I am back!!!!!

Hey everyone!!
Guess what? I finally got my computer fixed and running at home!! Yay!! No more library computer with a!! I can now post more and post more pictures!! I even had to update my music at the bottom of the screen some had been out and I finally updated!! I have been doing good and we had a nice 4th of July!! The service at church was really good and you could feel the holy spirit moving amist the crowd!! At our monthly birthday fellowship the other week we put on a skit by the young people!! I was in it and was so nervous but I got through it!! The most exciting time of the year is coming up on July 19th and through that week is Youth Jubilee at the Tabernacle!! I can't wait!! I am sooo excited!! And recently my sister's boyfriend's family gave us one of there dogs cause they could not take care of it anymore!! So meet Benji below in the pictures. He's the little brown one!! Hope everyone is having a great week and I am so happy to be back to blogging!!

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