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Monday, August 30, 2010

Hello There!!

Hey all,
It's a new fresh brand new week!!Yesterday was a nice service at church we had a missionary to Montana speak and I enjoyed hearing his sermon. He was so right on one point we do need missionaries right here in America we have people lost and dying too right here in America!! He was talking about a man that was a missonary to another country and the story he told sounded like something I had heard about before and I was really interested,then I remember I have a book on it at home!! So last night I found my copy I had recieved free in the mail of the book called Jungle Pilot. I am going to start reading it,I never read it yet! I love reading about missions and people who do mission work. This man in the book got killed over spreading the gospel by the indian tribe where he was. So if I get finished it with it soon I will a review and talk about the book on here!! I have some special prayer request for this week and the Lord knows all about it!! Pray that whatever his will and answer we'll be that I accept it and know the Lord knows best!! If you have any prayer request please write me so I can pray for you!! We all need to pray for each other and help each other during these times we are living in!! Hope you all have a wonderful week and God bless you all!!

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