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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pray for the Young People...

Well most kids in my area are heading back to School today or sometime this week! Some have already started across the country. Let's pray for all the young people as they head back to school. Public schools have become worse then when I was there and that was not that long ago!! Now days their is so much peer pressure,self image problems,bullying,picking and teasing each other and drugs. So much temptations for our young people. Let us all pray that they will not fall into temptation but keep their stand for Christ and their testimony. Let them take with them each day what they learned this summer in Youth Meetings,Camps and Church and hold true to them. Pray that they take each step in this year with God. It's hard being a young person this day in time. Don't forget to pray for them as they face temptations in their young years! They need our prayers!!

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