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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Yay for Freebies!!

I have learned so much about coupons and freebies on the internet from companies to try there products:) Sometimes I have even recieved coupons for the full size version at the store for free!! Sometimes you can even print out and find coupons in the paper and go to your local Walmart or other stores and get the items for nearly nothing or free!! I love Freebies. I love looking at the deals people share and see if I can get the same ones!! Like for instant one time I had a coupon printed for save $2/1 Healthy Choice meal, and it let you print it out twice. So I found online they were at walmart at 1.98 and I recevied them free!! Then one time a coupon came in the mail for a free pack of Always Woman products,a whole box free. Kotex liners were 1.00 at Walmart and I had a 1.00 off coupon so they were free!! Back at Christmas I recieved Photo Christmas cards 50 of them for free with free shipping!! Plus I recieved a nice picture calender with my pics in it free!! Also by signing up at I got 50 free prints free for pickup in store!! That deal might be still going on you might want to check it out!!I also recieved a hardcover 39.99 value book with my photos in it for free!! But I did mess that one up and ended up messing it up myself but the cover is worth the free alone. There is tons of free stuff on the internet!! Just type free stuff into google!! Below are a few links I use often to find deals online and with coupons at local stores:) Tell me if you have any good deals to spread!! I love freebies and deals!! I know some of my blogger friends who get like 300 hundred dollars worth of name brand groceries for like 60 bucks with coupons and sales and sometimes double coupon days:)

Here are 3 of the Sites I go to find coupon deals and freebies

Mommy Saving Mom
Frugal Coupon Living
Totally Free Stuff

Plus I am Working my way through earning free stuff at Swagbucks,click below to see about that:)
Search & Win

Also and last but not least!! Also check out Freecycle where you can find some great stuff sometimes ,of peoples stuff they don't want and they get rid of!! I have gotten some great stuff off this!! A nice Vanity with seat, A tall Jewelry amore,Books,Dvd Fireproof,Clothes,wot-nots!! Check it out at
Hope you find some great deals out there yourself!!

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