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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Are you ready for Marriage?

In the other post we talked about what to look for in a mate when choosing someone! Today I want to look at are you ready for marriage? In this post I want to give some tips from Sarah Mally's book Before you meet Prince Charming on weather your ready for marriage.

*Do I have assurance of eternal life? Do I know the lord as my personal savior?
*Do I have a clear conscience? Is there anything I need to clear up,confess or corrected?
*Have I been diligent to complete the task the lord has given me?
*Do I have a good relationship with my parents and siblings?
*Have I learned to be a servant by seeing and meeting the needs of others before my own?
*Have I learned to overcome anger?
*Are there people who have offended me that I have not been able to forgive?
*Do I read my bible daily?
*Do I often find myself in prayer and talking with God?
*Have I been diligent to identify and develop the skills, ministry, and interests god has given me?
*Have I learned basic life skills, both educational ones and practical responsibilities?
*Am I able to take care of a household?
*Am I ready to be a mother?
*Have I learned to be a giver,not a taker,in relationships?

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Miss Jen said...

Another great post....
very thought provoking indeed!

Blessings~ Jen