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Thursday, June 11, 2009


I have been blank as to what to write about! I'm not sure what to write There is plenty of topics I could cover!! I just need to sit down and write some out!! What do you think? What should I write about? Any ideas would be welcome!! I love to blog so much,its so much fun getting comments and meeting other people around the world!! If though I am only touching one person with this blog or my other blog Joy cometh in the morning,it's worth it all!! I am currently reading "The Forbidden by Beverly Lewis" its pretty good it is the second in the series. I am really starting to love Wanda Brunstetter books about the amish as well. She is a really good author. I have read two of her books!! Pray for my cousin today she is burying her son after he died in a car accident. Please pray for the family and all that were involved. I hate that I could not go today but I was up all night with a 101.9 temperature so instead of going sick and spreading it to everyone I decided to stay home but in my heart I am praying for them to get comfort from God in this time. I know God will see each and everyone of them through it all he is the reason I am still standing and he will hold them up too. Please pray for the family, it's always hard losing a loved one. Pray for his wife and 2 girls that are still very young and for his mother!! I know they would be very grateful for it:) He's in God's hands now and at peace!!

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