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Thursday, June 11, 2009


Words, are we watching what we say to people? A little while back a christian person told me something very rude and out of place. I should have let it go in one ear and out the other but instead I let it get bottled up inside me and now I am having to deal with hurtful words that should have never been said? Why they were said I will never know? Why somebody would be so mean as to say something to somebody I will never know? I am who God made me though and I am working on getting over what the person told me. It's been some journey inside myself. Words hurt and that is why I try to never utter an unkind word to somebody because one word can cause somebody pain for the rest of there life. Ever since these words were spoken to me they made me look at myself in a bad way and think that everybody was looking at me that way. It's made me self conscious in public, so much as to I pretty much became housebound over it because I was scared that people were saying and laughing at me on the same thing when I went out. On vacation at the beach I could not even sit down and eat when we went out to eat thinking people were looking at me and laughing or saying stuff about me. I could not go on the beach unless there was hardly any people on it mainly early morning and after supper because I was afraid people were laughing at me. All this because of one man's words. He does not even know the impact it had on me. It's made me lose trust in people and it's taking a lot for me to get back to where I can walk through a store or go out in public. Even now I am constantly asking myself and feeling self conscious of what others are thinking of me or feeling they are laughing and talking about me when they walk by. All because of one man's word. Are you watching what you saying to people? Are you talking and acting in a christian manner? Are you treating people the way you would want to be treated? No one person deserves to be singled out and told something mean to, we are all human and should treat each other the same no matter what somebody looks like or what somebody is. Watch your words and be careful what you tell people:)


Princess0479 said...

beautiful post Jennifer and so so sincere, i will def. watch my words around others..One time not so long ago about 1-2 months ago i made a huge mistake and wanted to tape my mouth after i felt horrible after, this young kid of about 16 or 17 was testing me and making me a little mad, so i called him a bast_ard..ahhh!! the words that we speak can bless others so quickly or hurt so fast..i tried to joke with him and tell him i was just kidding, but honestly i saw that he was hurt and i was even more hurt for saying it...We all gotta pray each morning For God to help us to watch our tongues.!!

thank you for this thought provoking post! I loved it though it made me sad that someone's words made you feel this way.

Don't EVER feel inferior to anyone, you are precious and beautiful and wonderful in God's sight and in HIS eyes you are a princess...and no one is laughing behind your back i swear!!
Don't make this man's words eat at you in this way..I know this will be hard what i say next to take..but take this step forward..this one step...pray to God to help you forgive this man. You must slowly forgive this man and his words. And the way i honestly would go about it so it wouldn't hurt me any longer if i were you dear sister in you know what i would do???!!

If i were i'd try to approach him and tell him just just how much his words hurt you, tell him how you feel after now..And tell him that you forgive him and that you've been praying for him.

You will be surprised by how good this will feel to tell him gently and yet firmly in no uncertain terms how much he hurt you.

You never know he may even apologize and really repent after...You will help both of you, if you forgive and approach and talk to him about this.

But that's just what i would do.

I am the type that i talk to folks about stuff. God works through me that way. God may want you to do this too, or just to forgive him without approaching him.

Pray to God for wisdom in this situation. He will direct your paths...He will...and He will tell you what to do...Pray and ask Him what His will is for your life with this situation.

Ok i said enough LOL

I hope this helps you sweetie!

Pls keep in touch!

I've missed you tons!

talk soon!

Blessings & HUGS always!

In His Love always, Jane.

Jennifer said...

Thank you for the sweet message Jane:) We all make mistakes and say stuff we should not, so forgive yourself for what you told that person. Thanks for the encouragement on this post. I am so happy it helped you some way:) I love you my blogging friend and hope you have a blessed weekend!! God bless!!