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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jon and Kate plus 8!!

Umm wonder what the big annoncement will be? There either stopping the show or getting divorced one!! I hope they are stopping the show. I think the children deserve some of there childhood without cameras in there face all the time. I loved the show from the very beginning but with all the neg. news coverage it's starting to turn me away from it. They need to stop it for the sake of there children. I love the show and love the kids but I don't want to be the one watching it for the risk of them loosing there childhoods or having problems from it. They need to stop and put there family back together instead of continuing to do a show just for ratings and money. It's time they put there family first again. Love your show Jon and Kate but it's time you put your family back together and let the show go.


Christian Homekeeper said...

That is sad about what is happening in their family. Hope you are well, haven't heard from you in a while, so thought I would hop on over and say hello! :) ~Bev

Thena said...

I totally agree. But not only family first. It seems they left God and church at the old house. Not to mention their true friends. Possibly some christian counseling, but no one seems to even suggest that to be the solution.
I feel sorry for the kids because in the long run it's them who suffers. Kate puts on this poor me attitude. But she is a grown-up. I agree it's time to let it all go, and live with what you have and be happy. Greed has creeped in the door, and they need to kick it back out.

Jennifer said...

So true so true about them:)