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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Courtship DVD-To be One Review

I recently got a free dvd in the mail called "To be One". It was so good!!! I highly recommend this dvd to people considering courtship. It follows the courtship story of 3 couples!! They are all very sweet and romantic couples!! So your probably wondering what is courtship? This answers all your questions in this dvd. It's all about your relationship with God and praying for the right one to marry. First of all if a guy gets a feeling about a girl instead of just dating her for a while and then dumping her when he's not happy. He instead prays about the girl for a while and if he feels that God is leading him to her. He ask permission to her father to talk to the girl! Then if the girl feels right about it and her parents after praying then the courtship begins. Correct me if I am wrong out there on this because I have recently just started researching courtship and I am new to it and this dvd helped me a lot to understand it more!! All three stories were romantic and different in there own way. No courtship is the same. Some might choose to hold hands while other choose to not touch at all til marriage. In most courtships I have seen the first kiss is saved for the wedding alter once your married, which i think is very romantic!! So I highly recommend you to watch To be One on dvd and you can purchase it by clicking here. It's such a great movie and explained so much more to me on the christian choice of courtship. Great movie!! Go buy it and watch it!!

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Dawn said...

Oooo I have got to get this DVD!! It certainly looks like a *keeper*. I should get a 2nd copy...I have a friend with 5 children...3 of them are in courthship age with the other 2 not far behind. :-)

Thanks for your review!!

Bless you,