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Thursday, September 17, 2009

I've been tagged!!

Yay!! I was tagged by Paulina at A Set apart life!! So I must list 10 things honest about me!!

1. I am born again,bible beliving christian

2. I love old vintage stuff and things

3. I love the Victorian era in history. I love looking at items and pictures like the dresses and tea cups and teapots.

4. I am very shy

5. I'm a good listener to whoever wants to talk

6. I love yard sales,antique shops,thrift stores,etc..

7. I love to blog and meet new people from around the world

8. I love taking pictures and love capturing God's beauty around me

9. My favorite seasons are fall/winter..getting to wear cozy pj's and socks and the cozy feeling of the seasons.

10. I long to be a wife and mother really bad one day and hope to find the right guy when God sends him my way!!

I tag anybody that wants to do this tag and leave me a comment telling me you did,so I can read it!! Thanks Paulina that was fun!!


Paulina said...

We have so much in common! I found myself agreeing with everything you said, isn't that funny?

I'm glad you had fun with this! It's always great learning more about other bloggers :)

Elizabeth J. said...

I recieved that award as well.