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Friday, October 16, 2009

Is Reality tv a curse?

Is reality tv a curse on couples and families? It seems like every family that hits reality tv shows have problems. Take a look at Jon and Kate plus 8! Everywhere you turn they are on the news and I am getting tired of hearing about it!! They both need to sit down and work out there problems behind the cameras and stop fighting for the sake of the kids. The children have problems up ahead if Jon and Kate don't stop. There's a long list of celebs who have aired there private life on tv and have broken up over it. Why air all your private life if it's going to only be hard on the family. Most do it for one thing the money!! Think about though is money that important that you have to break up a family? No it's not!! I hear the networks are making up reality shows because they are cheaper to make then regular shows! Is it really worth it though, do the big wigs not know they are messing up people's lives!! They care about one thing the money!!

The only family that I have seen that have kept their values and ways of life and i praise them for that are the duggar family. They seem to be doing fine and their grounded in their life and family and are a good example for everyone to look at as role models.

So that brings me back to the question is reality tv a curse? What do you think?


Thena said...

Even if they can't work it out they need to stay civil for the sake of the kids. If they could only realize when all this seemed to get so bad on tv. When they moved and there's no more mention of church, prayer, or Jesus. I believe it takes three to make a marriage. Husband, wife, and Jesus, and alot of prayer. Love the Duggar's. Some don't agree with them having so many. But look how many they can reach for Christ thorugh what they believe.

Miss Jen said...

I think it can be a curse...
a lot of focus on ones self.
Yet~ I really like the Duggar's.
It is really sad about "Jon and Kate"
plus 8! :( I pray that they all come to the Lord!

Love~ Jen

Aliene said...

I think most all the TV shows are not good for children. I wrote a blog on it several weeks ago.
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