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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What do you want in a guy?

I've been cooking the meals this week since mom is recovering from surgery. It's only made my dream stronger of becoming a wife and mother. It is so hard waiting!!! I know a lot of young ladies out there feel this way. We must hold on though for one day in God's time all our prince charming are going to come. Here are some things I want in a guy.

1. Good godly christian man.
2. Someone that is involved/active in church or involved in the ministry
3. Someone who loves kids and will make a great father
4. Someone who is trusting
5. One who is pure and has waited for marriage
6. Someone who respects me
7. Always speaks kind words
8. Love me for me
9. Fateful and loyal to one person
10.Gentle and sweet

That is my list of things I want in a guy,what do you girls want in a guy? Write them down it's fun to see what you come up with:) God bless!!


Miss Jen said...

A Christian Man
Dedicated to~
the Lord's work...
Biblical Manhood and

A man of~
Humility & Strength,

Love~ Miss Jen

~Miss Raquel said...

~He will love God more than me.

~He will (yes!) love children and want many.

~He will be a gentleman.

~and so much more! :) I have a list safely hidden away that only ONE man can fulfill. :)

By the way, just a quick editing comment. :) You said " 'fateful' and loyal to one person". Did you mean "faithful"? :)

~Miss Raquel