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Friday, November 13, 2009

Deals of the Day....

I went to walmart with my coupons and got the following deals:)

Welch's Sparkling grape juice 2.97 Save 2.00 coupon =.97
Always Pads 3.97 Free pack coupon = 0.00
Kotex Liners 1.00 Save 1.00 coupon = 0.00

Total Spent .97


Dilvin said...

Wow! great deal!

Nen said...

wow! i wish i could find deals like that!! my husband is pretty good at finding online coupons... it's just hard to find places that will take them. walmart does though... i know he found one for Ore-Ida fries and it ended up that we could get them for 10 cents! And Healthy Choice frozen meals had a $2 off coupon and we got them for 50 cents! do you get your coupons online? i cut coupons out of the sunday paper almost every week--but its still usually cheaper for us to buy the Walmart Brand of items.