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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year...

I have grew so much this year! The Lord has really seen me through it all!! There has been many trials,but the lord has seen me through them all:)I keep saying that because he truly has. I could not have made it through this year without him!! I plan to grow more in him in the coming year and if I have failed him any this year all I ask is for his forgiveness!! May each of you all my friends,family and people around the world has a blessed and safe Happy New Year and God bless you in 2010!! I love you!!

Happy New Year 2010!!!!


Susan said...

Happy New Year to you.Thank you for all you do for me.Thank you for all the memories we have made in 2009.As we enter another year I am looking forward to more cherished memories and fun times. Love Mom

Taylor said...

Happy New Year, Jennifer!