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Monday, December 7, 2009

The Last Blood...

Verse 1:
When man sinned in the garden
That sin Jehovah could not condone
The blood shed of animals
Could not forever sin atone

Verse 2:
But the Son had compassion
He said Father I'll be your Lamb
So once again blood was shed
As the soldiers nailed His hands

Verse 3:
It's been three days since Heaven
Watched their Prince of Glory die
His followers are in mourning
For in the tomb their Savior lies

Verse 4:
But at the grave something is happening
As death screams I've lost my hold
Angels rise in anticipation
For the Son is coming home

And there He comes
And He's got the blood
That He shed on Calvary
And the Father says
Well done my Son
This is the last blood I'll ever need


Dilvîn said...

Very beautiful song!

Dilvîn said...

Hi, I tagged you over on my blog you can go over and check it out!
Have fun!

Miss Jen said...

Happy December dear Jennifer!
How are you?!

Many Blessings~ Miss Jen