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Friday, January 29, 2010

What I am doing...

I have felt such peace since giving my dating life over to the lord and committing to courtship. I feel so at peace. Here's what I am doing.

Giving it all over to God- I have completely given my heart over to him on all matters of dating and relationships. I have put it all in his hands!

Surrendering to his will- I am at total peace with his will in my life. Weather he have me remain single or have me married. I am at complete peace with his will over me.

Staying active in church- Getting involved and staying active in my church and being around God's people.

Reading his Word- Daily reading my bible and studying his word and applying it to my life.

Prayer- Daily praying about everything in my life and getting God's answer on everything.

When you surrender all over to the lord you feel such peace!! Have you given your all over to the lord today?

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