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Thursday, February 4, 2010

God answers prayers..

The other night I was asking God to provide me some skirts since I have switched to all skirts if it be his will to provide any. I was really wanting a 3 tier type skirt that is long and flowing. Well today I went and picked up some freecycle stuff from somebody and what shall be in the bag? You guessed it a 3 tier type skirt that is flowing and long:) Needless to say I was so excited!! It helped me remember that God answers even the smallest prayer when your in his will!


~Miss Raquel said...

Oh that's just WONDERFUL, dear!! So happy for you!!

Indeed, He DOES answer prayers! Praise His Name!

~Miss Raquel

Aliene said...

I am so glad that the Lord provided maybe just to show you that you did need to go to skirts.
Jumpers are my thing for week days.
But I guess I like long flowing skirts too. God bless you.

Aliene said...

P.S. I have never worn pants so It was no battle for me. But usually you are looked upon as different, but I don't think you will be judged.
Like you said you will not judge those who wear pants. We have to all work out our own salvation with fear and trembling. Just stay true to your convictions and let the Lord do the rest.

Taylor said...

Isn't that awesome?! The same kind of thing happened to us when we made the decision to switch to skirts! One of our worries was that we didn't even own enough skirts per person to start wearing only skirts and dresses... so we went shopping at a local thrift store and came out with 3 large trashbags full of new clothes--while only spending $40!! God is so good! We just felt like that was his way of blessing our decision. :)

So happy for you!!