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Friday, February 5, 2010

Total Rambling...

It's a cold and rainy day here in NC in my neck of the woods:) I awoke this morning to snow falling but here we only got a little dusting and then the rain has washed most of that away!! I got some new clothes off freecycle yesterday!! Don't you just love freecycle and free stuff! Besides the new skirt I got some new tops and beautiful sweater!! I get so excited over the little things in life like that:) Of course I love Well this is truly a rambling post..haha..I can't think of anything to blog about at the moment!! I need to write up some good post. What would ya'll like me to write about? I just love blogging and reading other peoples blogs. It is so much fun meeting and connecting with other young Christian ladies!! Well stay warm wherever you are and if your in a warm tropical place lucky you!! Haha:) Have a great day everyone!!


Aliene said...

I like your "ramblin post." I call
mine "wondering" which basically is the same thing. Stay warm and keep the "ramblin" coming.

Dilvîn said...

Hi Jennifer!
It is cold and windy here in northern MI and winter is getting old!It is warm in the house.:)
I am so glad the you are finding so many nice skirts and tops. I am so happy for you Jennifer. Doesn't it feel so good to be lady like? It is amazing how God is answering your prayers.
Keep looking to Him. He has been answering my prayers as well. I have given up all my plans and the things that I once held dear and built my life upon all this world reveres and wars to own. All I once thought gain I have counted lost spent and worthless now compared to this: Knowing Jesus!
He is our all, He is the best, He is our Joy, our righteousness!
I am willing to take what ever He has to give me from His hand. Thanks for your prayers
I will keep you in mine.