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Monday, February 1, 2010

Prayer Request..

I deleted my post about pants. I no longer agree with some of the things I said in it. The Lord has been convicting me on some things about clothing. If you would please be in prayer for me on the matter. I would greatly appreciate it as I continue to walk according to his will and giving him the glory. Thanks a bunch!!


Anonymous said...

I'd encourage you to also talk with your pastor and his wife about the issue - I'm sure they could help and I know they'd pray with you about it too!

Taylor said...

Hi Jennifer,
I'm not sure what your previous post said about pants, but I will remember to pray for you and with you! My family has been wearing skirts for almost a year now and the reason being that we felt led to be more feminine and modest in doing so. But, that being said, we do NOT believe that wearing pants is a sin at all! I've heard all kinds of different views and opinions from people on why you should or shouldn't wear pants... but what it all comes down to is your heart. I know that a woman who wears skirts every day of her life and yet fails to be right in her heart before God will not compare to a woman who loves the Lord and follows him all the days of her life, while wearing pants! As long as God knows your desire is His desire... that's what's most important. I don't think it's so much a matter of right and wrong as it is a matter of our hearts.

Anyway... I only wanted to write this to encourage you! :) I hope you have a very blessed evening!!


Keith and Julie Loveless said...

I too made struggled decision at at about the same age. Many people think my husband made me wear skirts do it, but the decision was a personal one and was made before I ever met Keith. My biggest struggle was all the fussing and fighting about what is feminine and what is modest. I was raised to wear skirts but when I was 16, my Dad allowed us to make our own choice. I invite you to read my post about modesty at our blog "It's a Loveless World"
The issue for me isn't are pants for woman or men, it isn't how long a skirt should be, or do our clothes make us spiritual ect... The Bible clearly lays out four principles of modesty that allow the Holy Spirit to lead you. Don't allow anyone to take His place. If you truly seek God's will in the matter, He will show you. God bless. Remember "Delight thyself also in the Lord (Delight to know Him)and He will give you the desires of your heart (He will place His desires within and they will become your own.)