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Monday, February 8, 2010

Some more Rambling

Hey all,
How is everyone doing? I hope well!! We had two good services at church yesterday with good singing and preaching!! The Sunday school lesson was also really good:) Then after church last night we had a bridal shower for a young lady in our church who is getting married in march. She has been in a courtship and I am very excited about the wedding coming up. I wish them both well!! I went to the library and got more books saturday with mom!! Yes I am into reading here lately and it gets my mind off stuff. I've been kinda sad lately. I desire marriage and my own family so bad. I know though it will all come in God's timing and I just have to be patient!! Well hope all is well with everyone and stay warm wherever you are:) Love you all. God bless!!


Anonymous said...

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Have fun with all the reading! I haven't received those books yet.

Keith and Julie Loveless said...

I honestly know how you feel. I'm praying for you. I know that reading gets your mind of things, I did that too. Be careful though, that its not the stories that are making you discontent. I read a lot of Christian fiction, especially historical fiction. The habits you develop now will follow you into marriage one day. I know, I've been on both sides. I know words don't help much, but know that you are not alone. Julie

Deborah said...

Hi Jennifer, you're right, it will all come in the Lord's timing...keep looking to him!
I'm visiting from the kjv blog directory...come on over and check out our february just might help keep you busy!