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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Freebie Ramblings

So last night I was bored and was browsing the web. I came across a site where a man had mailed letters to varies companies he enjoyed to see if he could get free stuff out of them! I thought I would try it,so I have started going to my Favorite Products sites and sending them emails on the contact page about how much I love their product. This is kinda like a freebie test for me that I want to try:) We will see how that goes!! It should be interesting if I do hear back from them!! I will keep you posted about it!!

I am just so into deals and night I went to walmart and got the travel size clean and clear product for.97 cents and used a dollar coupon and got it free!! Oh the joys of coupons and deals! I also cashed in some swag bucks for a gift certificate for my parents to go out to eat one day!! Pretty cool:)

My freebies in the mail this week included a trial size pack of Rachael Raye dog food!! My dogs enjoyed it very much!! Plus a cd/dvd covering a bunch of stuff in the bible,I have not tried it yet so I am not sure about it yet.

Loving freebies!!! Have a great night!!

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