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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Taco Bell Limeade Sparklers

Ok so today I am going to post a review!! This is just my opinion on it!! So Sunday I got a coupon for a free Limeade sparkler in the paper. Well one night this week we were coming home from my grandparents and I stop by and used my coupon!! I was excited to try it. Plus I was wanting something fruity and there fruity drink are really good at Taco Bell,so I ordered the Cherry Limeade and was on my way. I took one sip and mom took a sip and she open the door and spit it It was terrible. I thought maybe if I mix and shake it really good it will get both took another sip and again mom spit it out the car door. I struggled to get it never talk bad about anything but this was just best thing I can say about this free offer was I didn't have to pay for it and the cup it came in I can re-use it,cause I like the cups they put there fruit drinks in. Try at your own You might like it,but it did nothing for me. My dogs did like the ice out of it

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