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Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall has Came and Other talk...

It's been a crazy week. I got to go to one night of Campmeeting. I hate I missed the rest of it because I love it so much where I can go to serve the Lord! Monday was a good day for me and I kinda went down hill the rest of the week. I have had some bad flair ups with my Ocd this week and have not even left the house. So please pray for me my fellow friends in Christ!! A lot of things are going on right now with other stuff too but I won't go into all of it. Just pray that God will work it all out and his will be done. Well it is officially fall now!! One of my favorite seasons! I love the colors and the leaves,it is like a peaceful time to me I think. Great for picture taking as well!! How is all my readers doing out there? I would love to hear from you!! You know you can reach me anytime and I am here to help you as well. My only and full desire in life is too serve the Lord and give him all the glory. I am currently reading the book of Genesis because that is where my Sunday school class is in. I am also reading the Book of Psalms cause the verses in there are just so encouraging and I could use that right now! I am studying my lessons in the Sunday school books and I am also reading my old Sunday School quartlys I have saved. I love our Sunday school books they explain everything so perfect!! I love learning new things about the Lord everyday I learn something new! I am now reading through a book a sweet lady gave me at church for my birthday,it is really good!! I am enjoying reading it!! My life is totally focus on God and I think that makes the devil mad because I am trying to fight the battle and he don't like losing but I will fight the Ocd and depression and show him that I serve the King of all Kings the LORD!! Well I hope everyone has a peaceful and wonderful weekend. God bless you as you go through your days!! Love you all!!

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