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Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Wall of Prayer

There are walls made by man built by frail and human hands
that an enemy can scale and get to you.
But there is one protecting me from my greatest enemy
It’s a wall that Satan can’t break through.


Sometimes a wall of grace sometimes a wall of faith
Other times it’s sweet mercy that I need.
But the one for which I long it makes all the others strong.
I need a wall of prayer surrounding me.

Oh my brother when I’m weak would you stand instead for me
and pray a fortress ‘round me strong that can’t be moved.
And I promise you today when I bow my knees to pray
I’ll do my best to build a wall of prayer for you.

Sweet hour of prayer sweet hour of prayer
that calls me from a world of care.
But the one for which I long it makes all the others strong.
I need a wall of prayer surrounding me.

I need a wall of prayer surrounding me.

1 comment:

Princess0479 said...

nice nice post :)

Jennifer PLEASE pray for me this Wednesday at 10AM on August 19th :))
i am having a very intricate eye procedure done on my left eye in Canada, i have 8 days off from work to recuperate!

it's because my eye has a kerakatonus it's a form of a cataract i also have stigmatism, and this eye procedure is supposed to help in these 2 ways

it stops the progression where the eye doesn't get worse as it has in the last 2 years,,my vision is ok with glasses, but without glasses, i see ok, but further away a little blurry.

2nd it can make my eyes much better i may barely need glasses!

so pray for a miracle dear friend!!

and if you can please ask your blog readers to pray too :)

The more that pray the better!

thank you dear sweet sister in Christ!

i hope you and your dad find a job really soon :)

if you need any more info on the eye procedure you can email until Monday night i will try to respond then or after i get back next friday!

Take care and God bless you always!!


In His Love, Jane